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8 Victoria Road, Dartmouth, Devon, TQ6 9SA - 01803 832577

FOOD MENU - Monday to Friday

Pint pots only on Saturday - No food Sunday

Main Meals

Scampi, Chips and Peas 5.45

Cod, Chips and Peas 5.95

Sausage & Mash, Peas and Onion Gravy 4.95

Ham, Egg, Chips and Peas 5.65

Chicken, Chips and Peas 5.65

Full All Day Breakfast

2 Bacon, 2 Sausages, 2 Eggs, Hash Brown,

Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Beans and Toast 5.95

Medium All Day Breakfast

1 Bacon, 1 Sausage, 1 Egg, Hash Brown,

Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Beans and Toast 4.95

Omelettes served with Chips & Peas or Salad

Cheese 5.25

Mushroom 5.25

Onion, Tomato & Peppers 5.25

Cheese & Ham 5.50

Extra Portions

Chips 1.70 Cheesy Chips 2.70

Cheesy Chips, Bacon OR Onion 2.95

Cheesy Chips, Bacon AND Onion 3.20

Light Bites

Prawn Cocktail served with brown bread & butter 4.55

Cod Goujons served with bread & butter 4.50

Ploughman’s served with baguette

Ham or Cheese 5.25

Jacket Potato served with side salad

Cheese, Baked Beans or Coleslaw 4.95

Tuna 5.95

Prawn 6.45

Sandwiches on brown or white thick bread

Cheddar Cheese 4.00

Ham, Bacon or Sausage 4.20

Tuna 4.45

Prawn 4.95

Served on Baguette – extra .30

Pint pots

Chips 1.80

Chicken Goujons Southern Fried or Plain 4.00

Cod Goujons 4.25

Scampi 4.45